Social Media Listing Sites [Archived]

Recently on the web there has been a  surge in popularity for Social Media Listing Sites, what’s that you ask? I actually just made that up, but basically they are sites that help you list content and share that list with others. They are a way to share data and group it in different categories, this gives another user the ability to target a specific type of content when browsing a certain list.

The most popular of those sites is most certainly Pinterest. Pinterest uses an intuitive way to help you group content online. The basic method is to add a “Pin It” button to the bookmark toolbar and click on it whenever you find a page with the content you would like to share. The button automatically extracts all images from the site and asks you which one to use as a thumbnail, and then you can decide the list to add it to and to write a description. The idea is simple, it helps share content from anywhere on the web and categorizes it into a single type of data using the list type. Pinterest gives you the ability to follow a certain user and its lists, also you can re-pin (re-share) the pins of that user and like them.

The fact that this kind of site sparked so much interest is no surprise, The data you share is static, it’s not a news or any kind of content that changes over time. Simple put you share a list interests with others that can share the same interests. People are migrating from the main macro social networking sites for this kind of content. The data shared on facebook for example are news or content that is relevant at the time of sharing, also facebook now is mainly used to share funny pictures. Pinterest ignores all of the social networking aspect and keeps it’s inner workings simple enough for anyone to use it and share content.

Other sites tried to mimic  its model like, GetVega. GetVega uses the same kind of principle but expands on it, you can add a picture, a video, text, a price, and many other attribute to each of the list’s nodes. This move may augment the service but at the same time it may ruin its simplicity and appeal.

Overall I believe that  Social Media Listing Sites are a great way to help people share content without the crammed up feeling of macro social networking sites. Anyone that still has not an account on Pinterest should get one ASAP it’s a great service to not only to share but to have a public list of interesting stuff online.


Hello World! [Archived]

The Blog is finally live!

With this post I’m glad to announce officially the start of this blog. In the next few days you’ll be able to read posts on Social Media, Start-ups and the new technologies of the vast internet.

Also stay tuned to read my personal experiences with various services and sites that I’ll try to test as thoroughly as possible. If you still don’t understand what this is all about check out the about page or some of the links below.