The Importance of Using #Hashtags [Archived]

A lot of time passed since my last post, I admit I’m not that good at keeping blogs updated. Well but now that I have an interesting topic to talk about I guess I can start updating now.

The topic this time is going to be the Importance of using hashtags. Hashtags are these words preceded by a #. Basically it makes systems recognize these words as tags and not normal words. I myself rarely use them I always forget honestly, but they are extremely important nowadays. A hashtag essentially helps the system create a refined web of results related to the keyword following the hash.

The innovative thing about hashtags is that it gives the tagging power to the user and not the publisher. Different users can see the same keyword under different views and by tagging their posts they can bind their post (and meaning) to that keyword. Social networks are the best place you can find hashtags, especially Twitter.

Twitter users tag their posts with the desired keywords in this way other users can simply search for that hashtag and get all needed results or a live stream of all related tweets. You can see how this is a great way to spread news, during the recent Arab spring revolts social networks played a very important role and hashtags were the most direct and clear way to spread news in real time.

Now a different number of social networks use hashtags, they have become a standard that should be used by all users. They help create a more connected web of information, which can be used for simple searching or to understand the current consumer’s trends. This is one of the most innovative ways to understand the way people think and adjust a marketing campaign based on it.

So now spread the word and hashtag away!